Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wallerawang 21 October 2007

Lake Wallace, Wallerawang NSW, Sunday arvo 21st October 2007

As the sun goes down after a gorgeously warm sunny spring day. The fact that there was no wind wasn't a negative at all!

W'ang Sailing Club's 'Fireball'

My Laser "Wyreema II" after a gorgeous days' drifting about on Lake Wallace

Lake Wallace, Wallerawang NSW, Sunday arvo 21st October 2007

Bathurst Views

Pics I took of some of the lovely old homes around Bathurst, when I went for a walk on Friday 19 October 2007.

More gorgeous old Bathurst homes, taken 22 December 2007.

Spring has hit with a vengeance here as well... flowers are blooming everywhere you look, along with all the assorted heady fragrances. 19th October 2007.

Views around Bathurst, 2005.

Kings Parade.

War Memorial Carillion, Kings Pde.

Views from Mt Panorama.

To the west.

To the south.

Walking around the streets of Bathurst (again) with my camera, 22 December 2007.

Plus I think I've figured out the best way to link these Flickr pics as well! Yay!

Bathurst RSL Club

Bathurst Railway Station

The old Royal Hotel stood a burnt-out shell for 20+ years. c.10 years ago they totally redeveloped it into restaurants and apartments.

Looking down the main street of Bathurst (William St), opposite the Royal.

Keppell St is another smaller shopping precinct near the CBD. Opposite the Library and Art Gallery.

The Family Hotel is one of many watering holes in town.

The Elephant & Castle Hotel is one of the "Yuppie" pubs in town.

Wyreema II, Laser 82666

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Images of Wyreema II
January-April 2007 (Season 2006-07)

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Mal having a relaxing day out on the water, at a practically-deserted Ben Chifley Dam (near Bathurst), on Saturday afternoon, 20 October 2007. Although the wind was practically non-existent, I had a wow of a time just being out on the water. There's nothing quite like pottering about on the water, you know.
Wallerawang Regatta, 11 November 2007