Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ben Chifley Dam

Ben Chifley Dam
20 kms (12.5 miles) south of Bathurst, NSW Australia
Xmas Day (25 December) 2007

A series of twelve 360-degree panorama photos, taken from the western shore "Beach", in front of the 'Ben Chifley Cabins'.

It was a windy day, blowing about 20+ knots! I couldn't believe there was no one around... it's such an awesome spot. I did go out for a sail on my Laser, but it was a bit blowy for me (albeit with my limited experience lately).

The next day (Boxing Day) saw about 15 water-ski and motor boats pottering about, and the wind was next to nothing. It's never crowded out here. Simply glorious stuff. Great for peace and quiet. A place to stop and reflect.

And so close to home as well.

There are two boat ramps, various picnic shelters, a great children's playground, toilets and free BBQ's (near the dam wall).

Plus the dam here is nearly full... it has a huge advantage over many of the nearby large water supplies, which are struggling below 20% capacity, after six years of drought.

Here's a map of the dam:

The range of the photos below are to be found in the wonky black circle near the main dam wall, top of the map. These pics were taken in front of the "Ben Chifley Cabins". As you can see, it's quite a good size body of water for an inland dam. (Map source)

Here's a view of the area the photos below cover, taken from the air c.2005. The Cabins are on the left-hand-side of the lake. The main dam wall is at the top-right.


Looking 360-degrees to the right, in an almost-complete circle.

The shore of the 'beach'.

That's the secondary dam wall.

The main dam wall is just behind the spit of land in the centre of the picture. The main access boat ramp is on that spit.

The western shore boat ramp.

The 'Ben Chifley Cabins', ex-2000 Sydney Olympic athletes accommodation. The local council bought six of the cabin-style accommodation buildings after the whole 2000 Sydney Olympic shebang was finished, and transported them up here!

The new children's playground behind the 'beach'.

Ahhh... the wonders of photos... it was actually blowing 20+ knots on the day, but these photos don't really show it! The surface was flat, but choppy. And clean... a little muddy after the recent heavy rains, but quite clean. Plus the actual water temperature was quite warm... not at all cold. Yay for mid-summers in Australia!